Mission & Vision

The  world is changing fast and there are still companies that are continuing to do “business as usual”. They pass up the opportunity to be "disrupters" and risk being disrupted upon. There is a new differentiator that is shifting the markets and changing the way business is done. It's called,

“Impact Strategy”

Consumers today want to know what ELSE you’re doing for them? We are now expected to take care of our clients beyond the products and services we provide. That’s good news, because you now have the opportunity to positively influence your community, promote your deeds through targeted marketing and grow your company’s prominence through patron support.

"Make them see you as a NEED rather than just another WANT".

We’re here to make sure it all runs smoothly. Partnering with us on your decision to go from "great to iconic", ensures that it goes off without a hitch. Not only are we good at what we do but we love doing it. Your impact is our impact. The better you do, the more pride we take in it.

What To Expect From Re:Industries

Sustain:epreneur Podcast

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Sustain:epreneur Podcast is bridging the gap between business and sustainability. We keep sustainepreneurs educated and motivated in their pursuit of the "Triple Bottom Line".

Sustainable Business Courses

We  offer FREE courses in sustainable business practices that will get you set up with a baseline in "impact strategy."

After that, we have PAID courses for those who are ready to fully commit and take the plunge themselves.

Consulting Services

Re:Industries offers a wide-range of consulting services for those organizations who realize that "impact strategy" is the future of business but don't have the time to put it into action. We can take your business from "great to iconic".


This is where we outline our continuing commitment by reinvesting back into education, innovation and the world-at-large. There's always more to do and we will always strive to do more than we think we can.

Business Consulting Services
with a "twist" of Sustainability

We provide businesses like yours with a new competitive edge through traditional business consulting services merged with the ability to create positive change from it. The proof that sustainable business works is in the statistics.

One of the most trusted names in marketing research (Nielson) found that “66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands.” The future of consumerism (the global millennials) say that, “73% are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings”. Both of these metrics are up 50+ percent since 2014. That's not a metric to scoff at.

We'd love to tell you more but sadly, it wouldn't fit on this page. Click the "Let's Talk" button below and we'll set up a free initial consultation so that we can make it more personal and match your needs with our capabilities.

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"Sustain:epreneur" Podcast is for those organizations pursuing a sustainable business model and their prospective customers.

We will cover:
  1. Fundamentals- The basic understanding of our plan, how sustainability works in business and why our opinion is even worth a damn.
  2. Motivational- Things to keep people motivated to so they continue pursuing a sustainable business model. This is all relatively new in business and it's picking up speed. Don't let the rules of business from yesterday distract you from the business of tomorrow.
  3. Tips on How-To- Sustainable business can be tricky subject since we are still just beginning to understand how it fits. We will go through some the easiest and cheapest methods possible that have the greatest impact so that you can market it, profit from it and continue to do good work.
  4. Guests and Speakers- We want to showcase those of you who are doing it right, right now. Hopefully that will give you differing perspectives from different industries and so that we can discuss important topics with some of the markets leading professionals.
  5. Phase III (hiring out for customized help)- If all of this seems daunting and you would like to hire us to hone-in on your organization specifically, let us know and we will conduct a quick assessment of your needs.
  6. You Decide- Submit your questions and we'll make stuff up. If it's a good enough topic we'll see how it goes and maybe make it a regular part of the show. Remember that this is your show and you determine what we need to cover.
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Our Three-Phase Master Plan



The quickest way to a positive end is through the hearts and minds of our people. That means educating them on how to effectively contribute to the greater good. We do that through podcasting, blogs and sustainable business courses because, let's face it... What good is making the world a better place if no one knows how to maintain it?



The next step is to pinpoint the most pressing issues the world has to offer and to create innovative solutions for them. Solutions that will not harm but preserve humanity. We are in the process of building an automated recycling machine, creating new manufacturing processes and (most importantly) finding fun and exciting ways to instill hope in the future.



This is less of a "step three" and more of a reiteration of a common message. One the most crucial elements that we have identified in sustaining our world is in the need to find faith in humanity. Sadly, we have come into an age of high anxiety and information overload. People are stressed out and are uncertain on where to even start. If we accomplish nothing else, we at least want people to maintain a positive outlook on the future. With that, anything is possible.